The Ins and Outs of Being a Personal Trainer.

There are over 13,000 registered Personal Trainers (PT) out there in the United Kingdom and there are probably a few thousand that are not registered. And of course there will always be the cowboy PT as well risking people’s wellbeing that are not qualified.

If we interviewed all of these PT’s we are sure we would get a mixed bag of responses to some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a qualified PT.

To be a great PT we feel you require a certain type of personality and some other set traits:


1.Don’t complain and they hold themselves accountable.

2.They have a solid plan of attack (business plan); we cover these on our courses.

3.The consultation with their clients is very professional and they listen to what they need.  

4.They don’t claim to know everything and learn on a weekly basis.

5.Extra work and care is given behind the scenes for their clients rather than just the PT session itself.

6.Your people skills need to be on another level – we also help with this.

7.You need to give a shit.


We teach our students the importance of delayed gratification rather than instant gratification. We are in a world where people want everything in a moments notice and devalue the importance of patience and hard work.

Great PT’s put in the work.

It is the same in other industries where it requires free-lance and self-employment.  They gain a degree, assume they are gold dust and that clients will drop at their feet.

The truth is you need to give a lot to gain very little. For example, it may be a good idea to show off your skills with x3 free PT sessions to a potential client before they commit to your services in the early stages of your career.

I did just that and gained 1 new client per week. Once I was happy with my clientele number I stopped doing it.

Some people are far too proud and a little arrogant to do that. It is great practice and you accelerate your learning.

The days can be long if you allow them to be. There are some PTs that work 12-14 hour days and some that work 6-8 hours a day and earn just as much. Have your time slots and stick to it.

The people you meet as clients is truly rewarding as they come from all walks of life with a different story to tell. In fact, we learn a lot from our clients!

Some start as Personal Trainers and then go into management, start an online PT side business, or even open their own private gym later down the line.

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